Gero Life Science partners with various service labs where you can go to have your blood drawn. We also provide a Mobile Phlebotomy team to go to your home to draw your blood if you prefer to not travel to one of our partner service labs.
Your blood sample is processed for a variety of aging and age-related disease biomarkers. The results of our blood tests are then run through our A.I.-based algorithms to create a comprehensive report of your current health.
A biomarker is a measurable substance present in a blood, urine, or other bodily sample that indicates either a normal biological process, a pathogenic process, or a response to exposure or an intervention. Biomarkers help us understand what exact processes are currently happening in your body and to what extent.
Time increments between blood testing varies based on diagnoses and health intervention programs. Register to receive more information about particular services you’re interested in and to learn the frequency of testing that we recommend for you.
The cost of your blood draw and testing services varies depending on what package you purchase through Gero Life Science. Register to receive more information about our available services and packages.
If you choose to participate in our Intervention Services, our expert team of physicians and scientists will recommend nutritional, physical, mental, and environmental changes you can make to see improves on your next blood test. These changes all ultimately will be guiding you towards improving your physical and mental well-being with the goal of slowing your aging and helping you live longer.