Our Methodology

Whereas all of us will eventually age and display age-related pathologies, the manner and the pace of our aging is intricately connected to our personal aging signature. This unique, personal aging blueprint is comprised of genetic, physiological, environmental, and socio-economic factors that, once combined, can be highly predictive. In other words, this set of factors, termed “aging biomarkers,” provide insight into current health status and can

predict future risks. Through blood testing, we investigate the levels of certain aging biomarkers in your body. Using those biomarkers, our AI-based algorithms determine your biological age (BioAge) and the health status of your organ systems. Our platforms are able to predict future health risks so that we can guide intervention to help you change your health trajectory to live a longer, healthier life.

The Process

The Power of AI

The flexible algorithms generates tailored and actionable insights into your health status.

Unbiased and big-data driven AI identifies and predicts complex and cryptic health risks.

AI is capable of accurate and reproducible health predictions at a population wide level.